BENNETT GROUP Real Estate Development, Construction and Property Management

Richard A. Bennett, Jr. and LuAnn L. Bennett owned, operated and developed real estate in the District of Columbia, forming a small asset and real estate management firm in 1980. Between 1980 and 1986 the properties were primarily multifamily and residential located in the District of Columbia.  In 1986, they added commercial office space through the formation of single entity real estate partnerships. In 19­­91, the team began directing property management and accounting internally.  The real estate business continued to expand into development by assembling several sites into maturation and in the rezoning, designing, and development of several office buildings in the District.


At the passing of Richard Bennett in 1994, LuAnn Bennett became President of the firm, restructuring the company and renaming it RAB Management. All property management functions, all partnerships, legal and accounting issues and general operations including maintenance, repairs, leasing, rent collections, staffing and accounting were performed under the newly formed corporation. RAB Management also coordinated and supervised all tenant and capital improvements at the properties.  In 2006, the firm underwent a name change to Bennett Group, providing traditional real estate services (construction, construction management, development and pre-development services) with an additional emphasis on sustainable construction.


The late Richard Bennett and former Washington Redskin Brig Owens also helped manage the assets of many professional athletes in the early years of the firm through strategic real estate investments. Bennett Group provides two services today: real estate services and sports management under Bennett & Owens. From the firm’s origin, Bennett Group has provided each of its customers with individualized service by relying on a best value approach, working toward holistic solutions for each client’s project.


Recently, Bennett Group has joined the cutting edge of the renewable and sustainable building movement, joining forces with green architects and builders to construct and maintain efficient residential and commercial properties. Bennett Group became a LEED certified company in 2006. Our personal commitment to the environment through sustainable development is not only profitable for our clients, but we believe it is also our ethical responsibility.