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Bennett & Owens

Bennett & Owens is a boutique sports representation firm that provides hands-on service to each individual client, representing a select number of premier professional athletes by providing effective contract negotiation and financial counsel, which ensures that clients end their careers with financial security after they have maximized their athletic potential. Bennett & Owens provides unlimited time and counsel to clients helping them to avoid the many pitfalls that exist in the world of professional sports.

Co-Founding Partner Brig Owens played in the NFL for 13 years, 12 with the Washington Redskins. He served as the Redskin player representative for seven years, was the assistant executive director of the NFL Players Association for six years and served two terms as President of the NFL Players Association Retired Player Steering Committee. He earned his law degree from Antioch Law School at night while playing. His unique experience gives him an uncommon perspective, encompassing the vantage points of a player, an advocate, and a business leader.


John Hauser began his career in sports management in 1982. Over the last 25 years he has represented many professional athletes, negotiating contracts for players in the NFL, NBA and NHL. Maximizing his clients’ profits both on and off the field is his strength. His marketing expertise provides clients with a unique opportunity to expand their business relationships and provide for their financial security beyond their athletic careers.


LuAnn Bennett, Partner and wife of Co-Founding Partner the late Richard Bennett, continues to be active, handling financial and legal matters for the business and its clients. LuAnn has over 15 years of experience in dealing with financial institutions and wealth managers such as Bessemer Trust, Friedman Billings & Ramsey, Goldman Sachs and UBS. She oversees the firm’s financial management and supervises recommendations requested in clients’ personal decisions.

Bennett & Owens provides a level of education, experience and financial sophistication that is unmatched by other firms in the business.


Check out the list of players that we have represented over the years:

Otis Anderson

New York Giants

Keith Byars

Philadelphia Eagles

Gary Clarke

Washington Redskins

Monte Coleman

Washington Redskins

Chris Collinsworth

Cincinnati Bengals/Broadcaster

Conrad Dobler

St. Louis Cardinals

Robert Drummond

Toronto Argonauts

Terry Glenn

Dallas Cowboys

Mel Gray

St. Louis Cardinals

James Hasty

Kansas City Chiefs

Sam Huff

Hall of Fame Broadcaster

Dhani Jones

Philadelphia Eagles

Joe Jacoby

Washington Redskins

John Jefferson

San Diego Chargers

Mark Malone

Pittsburgh Steelers/Broadcaster

Wilber Marshall

Washington Redskins

Erik McMillan

New York Jets

Eric Metcalf

Cleveland Browns

Terry Metcalf

St. Louis Cardinals

Eric Mobley

Memphis Grizzlies

Art Monk

Washington Redskins

Neal Olkewicz

Washington Redskins

William Roberts

New York Giants

Keith Rucker

Cincinnati Bengals

Ricky Sanders

Washington Redskins

Bruce Smith

Buffalo Bills

Charles Smith

San Antonio Spurs

Zuriel Smith

New England Patriots

Tim Spencer

San Diego Chargers

Scott Stevens

New Jersey Devils

Brian Taylor

San Francisco 49ers

Gary Trent

Portland Trail Blazers

Mike Wilcher

St. Louis Rams

Dan Wilkinson

Miami Dolphins

Doug Williams

Washington Redskins