Bennett Group

With more than three decades of experience in construction, development and property management, Bennett Group is an industry leader in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area. We offer superior quality, expert resources, and an innovative multidisciplinary approach with responsive personalized service from our hands-on management team. A CBE and WBENC accredited business, we pride ourselves on our unique best value approach: holistic solutions that efficiently deliver the best possible product – conserving time, energy and money without cutting corners.

Over 30 years of real estate experience. We spent decades active in the Washington, DC real estate market and developing strategic partnerships with seasoned professionals. Our portfolio includes historic estates and landmark complexes throughout the metro area.

Best-in-class. Our management team is skilled, dedicated and experienced. For each project we select the most qualified engineers, architects and other consultants specifically for that job. Our technical teams are hand-picked and individualized to fit each unique project.

Best value approach. The bottom line for Bennett Group is value. That means we deliver our services on time and on budget, without compromising on quality. We build lasting relationships with our business partners and clients through integrity, trust and excellence.

Sustainable building. A member of the U.S. Green Building Council, Bennett Group is helping set a national standard, developing innovative strategies for sustainable site development, water savings, energy efficiency, green design and indoor environmental quality.

Federal real estate experience.  For more than 30 years, Bennett Group has been involved in federal leasing, property management and alterations for GSA tenants and other federal agencies.

Certified Business Enterprises (CBE). Bennett Group is a professional, experienced, dependable CBE firm with 12 LSDBE preference points (2 for LBE; 3 for SBE; 2 for DZE; 5 for LRB).

Responsive management. We are small by design and handle every job as if it is our only job.

Comprehensive services. We offer a broad range of real estate services including pre-construction and pre-development, construction and construction management, tenant improvement and property management.

Strong relationships with the community. Bennett Group is an active member of the DC metropolitan community and regularly gives back to the community through philanthropic opportunities.