Comprehensive Services


Bennett Group has over 30 years of experience from construction and consulting, to planning and property management. We approach each client project with a tailored solution, by pulling together best-in-class experts from all disciplines. Integrating best practices and new technologies with a client’s budget and timeline, we consistently delivered a superior product. We provide a full range of Construction Services including pre-construction planning and post-construction maintenance.

Bennett Group implements cutting-edge Green Practices and Technology Services, providing single-source solutions to owners and design team partners in offering space planning, lifecycle costing, energy analysis, and green design and building practices.

Bennett Group has completed the renovation of many landmark and historic properties in the Washington area. The unique requirements of historical restoration require qualified consultants and craftsmen to correctly bring a historical property back to its appropriate period of time. Bennett Group has worked on the historical restoration of the Georgetown Library, the Williams Addison Building, and 3256 N St. Other historical projects include the Washington International School, the Tariff Building, Petworth Library, Lincoln Theater and Ashleigh Farms.

Our Environmental Remediation Services help our clients comply with all relevant internal requirements, government regulations and permit requirements.

Our Real Estate Development Services include feasibility studies and site selection.

We offer Asset Management Services to protect, restore or add value to our clients’ investments.